Unie-Pool Personeel B.V. believes that a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy is vital to its organisation. The focus is on people, both inside and outside the organisation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating job opportunities, offering certified residential locations and good transportation. Supporting sports clubs and providing good working conditions. The starting point for a CSR policy is that, not only must it have a positive effect on society and the environment and carry responsibility for this, but it must ultimately also be good for the company itself.

Here are some concrete examples within our organisation:

  • Sustainable energy solutions: solar panels, charging stations, hybrid driving

  • Energy-saving measures: our homes are equipped with central heating system management

  • Waste reduction and recycling: the waste is separated

  • Health – Society – Environmental: Unie-Pool sponsors various football clubs so that they can continue to facilitate their members/sports

  • Transport is sustainable: commuting, employees travel together in buses to the work location

  • Internal employee policy to promote health: all workplaces are ergonomically designed