You are looking for work! We have jobs in the following fields: Logistics, Production, Technology and Cleaning.

Vacancies Unie-Pool

Unie-Pool offers work in production, logistics, cleaning or technology. We offer our employees good accommodation, safe transport, work shoes and training and employee coaching in Polish, Latvian, Russian or English.


Do you want to work in logistics? Logistics, as an industry, is constantly on the move. Transporting from one place to another. A logistics employee is responsible for, among other things, picking orders, storing incoming freight, packaging goods, preparing goods for shipment, loading and unloading freight traffic and the relevant administration associated with this. Unie-Pool can get you started as a:

  • Forklift Driver

  • Reach Truck Driver

  • Order Picker

  • Warehouse Worker

  • Loader/Unloader


Do you want to work in production? This is the industrial sector, where goods/products are manufactured. In order to work in production, you do not require training. The pool of vacancies for production workers Unie-Pool has to offer is large, and with many different companies. When working in production, it is important that you are physically fit, because you are required to stand and walk a lot. Work includes:

  • Packing operations

  • Operator

  • Preparation and cutting of food

  • Operating machines

  • Removing products from the machines

  • Processing products

  • Assembly

  • Sorting of products


You want to work in technology? In Technology, things are built, improved or repaired. When performing technical work, you must be able to work well with your hands, as well as your head. The work includes: installing, repairing, disassembling, drilling. In addition to having technical insight, it is important that you are careful and precise, a hard worker and a team player, and that you can work well independently.

  • Welder

  • Metal worker

  • Fitter

  • Assembly worker

  • Plastic Processor

  • Carpenter


Do you want to work in cleaning? Unie-Pool has a wide variety of customers. That is why the cleaning jobs we offer are also very varied. The work includes cleaning offices, canteens and toilets, cleaning production sites, machines or industrial cleaning on site with the help of high-pressure cleaners. In summary, we have the following work for you in the cleaning industry:

  • Cleaning offices, canteens and toilets

  • Cleaning of production sites

  • Cleaning of machines

  • Industrial cleaning on site

Unie-Pool takes good care of you!

Unie-Pool is very proactive when it comes to guiding and developing employees. We offer our people training and support them in their work and important matters surrounding this.


We make time available for employees who wish to develop themselves. Together with you, our employee, we will look for a suitable work and learning path in production, cleaning or the logistics industry. Develop yourself and create a fresh new challenge for yourself in the workplace. Some examples of the possibilities are:

  • Lifting and reach truck and EPT certificate


  • Safety training

  • VCA


  • Language course(s)

  • After 26 weeks worked you are entitled to a Dutch language course


Unie-Pool has a safe and reliable transport. Unie-Pool buses are available for transport from home to the work location and vice versa. If an employee has a Driver’s License B, he/she may drive the Unie-Pool Bus. Employees who drive the bus are paid for this. Drivers pay less for housing. An added allowance, for driving their colleagues safely to the workplace and back home.


We have developed Unie-Home flex housing to provide accommodation for our employees. We call it ‘A Home – Far away from home’. Unie-Pool has several residential locations in the north of the Netherlands. All locations are completely adapted to our form of living and comply with the quality standards required by Stichting Normering Flexwonen. At Unie-Pool, we attach great importance to ensuring that our employees can recover after work in a safe and pleasant environment that meets the necessary standards. Unie-Home is a sister company of Unie-Pool.


A whole team of Latvian, Polish and Dutch job coaches is available for our employees. They provide all information regarding the accommodation, work location, tour, working conditions, work shoes and introduction in the employee’s own language. They also arrange transport by Unie-Poolbus or Unie-Poolfiets (bicycle). And if there is a need for a check-up with the dentist or doctor, our job coaches make the appointment and arrange the transport. If the employee does not yet have a BSN number, this appointment will also be made and everything will be arranged. In addition, the employee can contact the job coach if there are questions about the pay slip, salary information, weekly payouts, health insurance, sickness reports, work schedule, holiday allowance and all other questions or queries.

Health Insurance

When someone works in the Netherlands, they are obliged to take out health insurance in the Netherlands. Unie-Pool employees can take out insurance with Holland Zorg. In consultation with the employee, Unie-Pool registers its employees with Holland Zorg.

Do you want to work in Production, Logistics, Technology or Cleaning? Take a look at our wide range of vacancies!